Do you struggle to keep up with your life and kids? Does it seem like there is never enough time in the day? I am tackling this problem and making my life beautiful one project at a time over on my blog, Come and see what it's all about!


Hey there, welcome to my world of chaos!

My name is Keri, and I am a (sometimes frazzled) mom doing my best to keep up with my busy family and our DIY home renovation.

I know as well as any mom that life can get pretty hectic. Creating a nice home ourselves can be quite the struggle, especially when we have the rest of the world moving at a normal pace. That is why I’m here to help!


My goals:

Simplify our duties by organizing and using time-saving cleaning strategies. (Spend less time cleaning? Show me how!)

Beautify our home by shopping decor and performing budget room makeovers. (Shopping tips, hacks, and help? Yes please!)

Improve our home, from big to small, by learning new skills for crafting and creation, then using them. (Projects, flips, and crafty fun. Step-by-step here!)

The most important part of it all: build long-lasting memories with my family while working together to create the home of our dreams!





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