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Declutter Your Home & Banish Clutter For Good

The key to balance is all about having your life in order. If you are constantly struggling to find what you need in your home, for work, for fun, for everything, then you are wasting your precious time! The first step to anything great in life is changing your mindset to one that will work for you.  Today I am going to talk about how to make it as easy as possible to declutter your home and banish clutter for good!





1. Set Boundaries

This is a rule that I have had to enforce on myself. There are always going to be silly things that we don’t actually have to have, but we want. In my case, this is crafting supplies. So in order to keep my crafting hoard in check, I have a specific set of shelves in the basement that I can fill and I’m not allowed any other space. This method works great for any kind of hobby, and it is also what we do for our toys.

It’s simple. Decide how much space you will need for something and stick with it. Have you ever heard about how people buy a bigger home, and suddenly it’s filled up with even more stuff? That is because they figure they have space so why not, right?

This kind of clutter is overwhelming, and it can hinder your productivity because it is hard to find anything. Even worse, think of all the money that is wasted on items that aren’t being used. Less really is more!


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2. Practice Mindfulness

It is easy to feel like the more stuff we can get our hands on, the better. But the quality is such an important factor in everything!

For example, we used to go totally overboard with gifts for Christmas and birthdays. It didn’t take us long to recognize that more doesn’t mean better, and our kids were actually overwhelmed on Christmas morning. Then, after we tore through our gifts I was overwhelmed with clean up while everyone else went about their day like it was any other morning.

This last year, I was determined to change that. We had a much smaller number of gifts, but after each one, the kids were allowed to play for a few minutes. It took us longer than it ever has to open everything, and we didn’t have that “now what” feeling anymore. When it came time to put everything away, we were able to find a good home for everything without too much effort.

Christmas is an easy way to explain this concept, but practicing this kind of mindfulness throughout your life has so many benefits!

We have implemented mindfulness in our laundry system, and with our toy organization. My kids know that once our space is filled, we have to go through it and make some decisions.

This makes them more mindful of what they choose when they get the chance to bring something home, and they are more appreciative of the things that they keep because they had to make a conscious decision of its value.


3. Finish What You Start

If I am being honest, following through on projects is an area where we struggle. We have so many projects to complete at any given time that it is easy to start and not finish. The resulting mess is a pain to manage, and I highly recommend avoiding project clutter whenever possible!

Managing this comes down to making decisions about how important something is. If an item is meant for a future project, be realistic about whether or not you will actually get around to it. Decide if the project is a priority or not. Give yourself a time frame, and make the project happen. If you go outside of the time frame you are in trouble! Get it done, or get it out!


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4. Finish Your Household Duties

Paper, laundry, dishes, and toys are all clutter if you don’t store them properly! Take a look around your home and make a list of what you see so that you can give these items a home, and then put them away! If you can’t figure out where they belong, perhaps they don’t belong at your house…


5. Give Your Unwanted Items A Home

Keeping a designated donate box has worked wonders for us. What you are ready to get rid of will have a place to go as soon as you’ve decided to get rid of it. When the box is full, make a trip to your local charity thrift shop and drop those things off, or try selling them. This small idea will prevent your home from having random items floating around with nowhere to go.


6. Be Consistent

As your home evolves, so will the things that you need for it. Try to make a point to go through the same space every six months or so. That way you can avoid the huge purge, and just do a cabinet here and a closet there. I like to rotate through and do one or two spaces every month. The first time that you purge, or maybe even the first few times will be difficult. But I promise the more you allow yourself to let go of, the easier it is next time, and soon it will only take a few minutes.


Benefits Of A Clutter-less Home

Having a decluttered home is a blessing in so many ways. By using these simple tips, I hope you will decrease your stress, increase your productivity, and help you stay laser-focused on the things that are actually worth your attention!

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