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Benefits of Creating A Capsule Wardrobe For Kids

With today’s culture, it feels like we always need more and less of everything at the same time. This is definitely true with kid’s clothes.

Over time, laundry was taking up my life. I was spending more of my time trying to maintain my kids’ stuff than I was spending with my kids. I don’t know about you, but when I imagined my dream life, it didn’t include telling my kids we couldn’t go to the park because I had to do laundry. 

That is when I started to simplify my life. I was done wasting our precious time. One of the first things I did was to create kids capsule wardrobes in order to make laundry easier and gain back hours of my week. 

Let me tell you, it worked. I have seen the benefits over and over again. Let me share a few.

1. It makes laundry easier.

Having kids capsule wardrobes has saved so much of my time! There are only so many clothes to wash. Even if my entire household needs their laundry done, it only takes a few loads. Time is precious, and I would rather spend it doing something other than laundry. 

2. You won’t run out of clean clothes.

My laundry used to be overwhelming, so I would just avoid it. Before I knew it, everyone was telling me that they had nothing to wear. 

Instead of staying on top of laundry, I relied on the many “back-ups” that we had stuffed in the drawers. That, of course, created even more laundry to wash. I would spend an entire day doing laundry, at least once a week.

Not anymore! Now that we use our Wardrobe Checklist, everything stays under control. I rarely get behind, and we never have chaotic mornings of searching for a pair of clean pants. 

3. You can wear your favorite clothes!

Now that I stay on top of my laundry every day, everything is ready and waiting to be worn. My family can choose whatever they want to wear instead of settling for something that they aren’t crazy about because what they actually like is still dirty. We get to wear our favorites all the time.

4. You won’t be playing catch-up all the time.

I used to feel like I was running in circles. Today, clean the house. Tomorrow, do laundry. Then, try to tidy the house again since I neglected it while trying to catch up on folding. It was a never-ending cycle.

Now, I typically wash a single load a day. Then when it is done drying, it takes about 5 minutes to put it all away. Life. Changing. 

Not only that but with our no-fold system, the kids put away their own laundry. Willow is even learning how at 20 months old. I just sort the clothes straight from the dryer and send them with their baskets. Of course, I help Willow.  

5. Your kids will begin to appreciate what they have.

When you have a clear idea of what your kids prefer, it makes it really easy to avoid buying duds that they don’t like. Even as babies, their style becomes clear when they start getting dressed on their own.

I used to get so frustrated when Parker never wanted to wear the clothes that I spent money on. Now, I take special care to buy items that he will actually like rather than buying what I like. I have noticed a huge difference in his appreciation and gratitude when he gets new clothes, and he takes better care of them as well.

6. It is easier to say “No.” to impulse shopping, which saves money!

Having kids capsule wardrobes is also great for me. I know exactly what kind of clothes my kids have, and what shape they are in. Since I am satisfied with what we already have, I’m not always wishing or searching for more.

I have surprised myself by feeling relieved when I tell myself “No, we don’t need any more clothes. Ignore that sale!” When I know we don’t need anything, I don’t even look at the email, flyer, you name it. It makes avoiding the temptation of adorable kids’ clothing so much easier. 

On the flip side, it is really easy to see what is starting to wear out and begin watching for a good deal to replace it. The fewer items you have to take care of, the easier it is! 

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These are only a few of the big ways that creating a capsule wardrobe for kids has impacted our family. If you are seeing the big picture, but still not sure of how to actually make it happen, don’t worry. Let’s talk about how to create a kids capsule wardrobe for your lifestyle and for your child’s personality!

How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe For Kids

Consider Your Family’s Needs

After a lot of thought, I came up with a plan and created a list of what we would keep for my kids.

When it comes to creating a capsule wardrobe for kids, the most important thing to consider is your lifestyle.

When I was creating our list, I considered that we are rather wild. We play outside a lot, go for adventures, and get dirty. However, I also want my kids to look like I love them. I don’t want them to look dirty, even if they actually are. This came down to being aware of materials and colors for us. You might need more dress clothes, etc. 

The other important part of creating a kids capsule wardrobe is to decide on a reasonable amount of clothing and stick to it! I don’t think there is a magic number to this. However, I have included a printable of our checklist if you want to try exactly what we do! Having a place to start can be so helpful! Grab that here:

[mailerlite_form form_id=3]

Sticking to a defined number of allowed clothing will simplify your life, and help your kids learn to value their things. They will have to take care of what they have. They only have so many slots to fill, so they have to really consider how much they like an item when they get old enough to shop as well. This is teaching them life skills that will serve them well as adults!

Make it Simple to Keep Track

In order to keep track of what my kids have, and what they need I only keep in-season clothes in their closet.

It’s not as hard as it sounds to get into the habit of switching their clothes. I just grab their bin and a spare box when the seasons are changing. I look to see what they have and need in the next size up, I store anything that should still fit next season, and get rid of anything that won’t.

So, when Parker walks out with basketball shorts on in December…I realize that I need to do a switch! It only takes about ten minutes. You can see my entire system to store kids clothes in this post

Now that we have been using our capsule wardrobes for a while, I have a few tips to make it easier to start. Boy capsule wardrobes and girl capsule wardrobes are a bit different! 

Tips for Capsule Wardrobes for Boys 

The Basics

Boys have much simpler wardrobes from the get-go, which makes curating a boys capsule wardrobe pretty straightforward.

My boys mostly wear t-shirts. Parker really likes to have over-shirts(the shirt-hoodie things, and button up ones), and he knows that they count towards his ten items so he only chooses his favorites.

In order to avoid looking shabby, I usually buy shirts that are dark or deep in color. Every time I have broken this rule, the shirt only lasts a couple of months before it is a lost cause!

They also need pants of course. We keep a few different shades of blue jeans to mix things up. I also try to keep at least one pair of khaki’s that are in nice condition because they can be dressed up easily. If they want any colored or patterned pants, like a pair of camo pants, we have to be able to create at least two different outfits with them to keep them around. This usually isn’t a problem, but worth mentioning.

Other than that, they have a couple of sweatshirts since they are constantly getting them wet or dirty, and they have two packs of socks, and two packs of underwear. About ten pairs each. This has been plenty! Be sure to check out how I avoid matching socks…without just making it one of my kid’s chores!

Special Circumstances

If we find ourselves in a position where they need to really dress up, and not just look nice, we typically visit the thrift shop and find what we need for only a few dollars. I have never had problems finding dress clothes.

I actually wrote a post about my favorite places to shop for kids clothes on a budget. (Most are new clothes!) Read it here

However, we can typically come up with a nice outfit from what they already have by keeping those few basic pieces. For example, the picture above was taken on Thanksgiving and I had completely forgotten to plan anything. I just knew it was a great day to grab a photo, so I searched our closets for a common color and we ended up with this!

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe for Girls

Shopping Tips

Creating a capsule wardrobe for little girls, however, is not simple! Little girls have a ton of accessories and even different types of clothes. In order to keep Willow’s clothes under control, I still have to employ a limit.

My biggest tip for making sure that you don’t go overboard with little girls clothing is to choose items that all have the same style. I would highly recommend choosing a few staple colors and sticking to it. That way they can be mixed and matched. Avoid buying sets that cannot be coordinated with the rest of the wardrobe. 

If you are considering buying something that is patterned, make sure that you are buying it in one of the staple colors! I love mixing and matching patterns, and little girls can get away with it so easily, but only if the colors tie it all together. 

The Basics

So how do we keep it all under control with the numbers? I treated her clothing similar to the boys, but since she had a few extra types of clothing, I had to streamline it somehow. I grouped the type of clothes.

Leggings, jeans, and skirts are all one group. Dresses, shirts, and onesies are another group. I put them away together and treat them all like the same type of clothing. I think of it like “tops” and “bottoms”. This really helps to keep the amount of clothing that she has under control! 

Of course, she has an underwear and socks bin as well. Over time I have decided to allow an extra bin for panty-hose.

Special Circumstances

Anything that is simply for looks, like a cute vest for example, is considered a dress-up toy and doesn’t count towards her clothing list.

As for her hair stuff, it is kept in a zippered pouch in my cabinet so that we can keep track of it all. Sometimes I will let her pick out a headband and wear it as a necklace, but I try to keep everything put away because she loves to spread all of the pretties out!

What To Do With The Extra Kids Clothes

Even though this entire process is technically simple, pairing down was not easy! Want to know my secret method for making it painless to let go? Pretend you are shopping at a consignment store. 

I looked at their stuff. If I would buy it again, it goes into our stock-pile(right size) or consignment pile(wrong size). If it’s not quite our style, I got rid of it! If it’s not nice enough that you would buy it again, let go of the stress and just donate or recycle the item.

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Take Care of the Piles of Kids Clothes

When all of this is finished, you should have two or three piles. Bag up the donate pile. Take some pictures of the nice stuff and sell it on Facebook. Get rid of everything as soon as possible, before it has the chance to creep back in and overwhelm you.

I highly recommend selling on Facebook first because you will get the most bang for your buck, but if consigning and recycling is something that you feel intimidated by, consider using an online consignment shop. Send in clothes that are in great condition. Then, anything that they don’t accept for resale is recycled and the rest is sold, earning you a profit. ThredUP and Swap are both good options if you have clothes that fit their requirements.

Right now, you can get a $10 sign-up bonus with ThredUP! 

Get a 20% off coupon at Swap by signing up through my link. Try Swap now.

This whole thing is easy, right? *Cough cough* I mean, as easy as letting go of your two-year-old’s outgrown clothing gets!

Let’s be honest. I made a small keepsake pile as well.

Simple Steps To Creating A Kids’ Capsule Wardrobe

It really is a simple process to create a capsule wardrobe for kids, and it will make such a huge difference in your workload, and possibly even your finances!

1. ) Decide that you want your life to be easier.

2.) Grab my FREE children’s wardrobe checklist from the Freebies Library (Need the password?), or sit down and really analyze your family’s needs in order to create your own checklist.

3.) Sort the clothes and USE the checklist from now on.

4.) Eliminate the excess and spend your free time actually living your life!

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Six ways that creating a kids capsule wardrobe will simplify your life and save you time and money, plus a free printable checklist. It's not just for minimalists anymore! Organize Kids Closet | Organize Kids Clothes | Make Life Easier | Laundry Tips and Tricks #simplifylife #laundryhacks #clutterfreehome #momtips #kidswardrobe
Are you constantly folding laundry, never able to keep up? That can change, even with kids! Here six ways that creating a capsule wardrobe for my kids has changed everything, plus a free checklist so you can do it too! Organize Kids Closet | Organize Kids Clothes | Make Life Easier | Laundry Tips and Tricks #simplifylife #laundryhacks #clutterfreehome #momtips #kidswardrobe
Six convincing reasons that you need a capsule wardrobe for your kids, plus a free printable checklist so you can get started! Organize Kids Closet | Organize Kids Clothes | Make Life Easier | Laundry Tips and Tricks #simplifylife #laundryhacks #clutterfreehome #momtips #kidswardrobe

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