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A Summer Bucket List for Family Fun

School is almost out and we are gearing up to have an amazing summer! Out of the many lessons that I have learned as a mom, the one that is really standing out to me is that my family is so much happier when we have things to do. My goal is to get out of the house with my kids and make memories as a family as often as possible this summer!

I have noticed that having fun things to do with my kids is so beneficial. This was the case as a stay at home mom, a work from home mom, and now as a full-time working mom.

And while activities, in general, are great, I’m tired and I want our summer adventures to be as stimulating for me as they are for the kids. I want to make real memories that we can reflect on later. That is why I sat down and created a free printable bucket list of the many things that I want to do with my family this summer!

If you are looking for things to do with the kids this summer, this is a great summer bucket list for kids, and for family activities as well! Make life easier and get out of the house with the kids this summer by downloading this free printable so that you never run out of ideas. Click through for the free printable >>

Grab Your Own Free Printable Summer Bucket List For Kids

Of course, this bucket list was created with several things in mind:

  • All bucket list activities are baby, toddler, and kid-friendly.
  • Everything on the summer fun list is affordable, if not free.
  • All of the family bucket list activities are simple to execute.
  • The activities are meant to be fun for the entire family! This is not your typical summer bucket list for kids.

Another thing that you might notice while you browse this list is that most of the adventures take place outside of the home! I did this intentionally because I have noticed a huge difference in our family dynamic when we get out of the house with the kids.

Let’s be honest, I’m the Mom that usually has good intentions, then falls into the day-to-day rut and ends up wondering where the time went.

That is why I need a bucket list of exciting activities ready as a reference. This list will help inspire action because I won’t need ideas-I already have them.  

With a list of fun, cheap, and easy activities on my fridge, I will be more likely to get out of the house with the kids this summer. We won’t feel stuck going to the same park or taking the same walk every day and that excites me!

The benefits of getting out and checking off a family summer bucket list are hard to deny:

  • Fewer messes at home=less to clean
  • Better bonding time when everyone enjoys the activities
  • Natural learning opportunities arise
  • More time for inner reflection-for me and the kids!
  • Less screen time without trying so hard
  • More natural health benefits (Vitamin D, more active, etc.)
  • Fewer distractions for Mom-which means more connection with kids

Making this Family Summer Bucket List Possible

At this point, you are probably doubting this idea. Yes, it sounds amazing. But, it probably sounds like a lot of work. Trust me, it’s worth the effort, and I can help!

I have a lot of advice when it comes to getting out of the house with little kids on a budget without losing your mind. I just want to share a few of my favorites ways to make it fun rather than stressful.

Try Baby-Wearing

If I had one single bit of advice to a young mom with multiple kids heading into the world solo, it would be to go hands-free. When I first started baby-wearing it changed everything!

I started out with a Moby wrap for my second baby and wore it everywhere. I loved that thing and so did my baby boy.

But, as he got bigger I struggled to carry his weight in front so we stopped using it.

Then, when my little girl was a baby, we were on a trip to Glacier National Park (hiking over six miles at a time) and I was desperate, so I took a chance and bought this baby backpack. I was pleasantly surprised.

It was super affordable, comfortable, and has lasted through my son and daughter. On that trip alone, we used it non-stop, alternating between carrying the toddler and the baby.

In fact, I still use it for my 26-month-old daughter on outings and hikes. I highly recommend this backpack specifically because it is so frugal and comfortable, but no matter what you choose to use, get something that will help you go hands-free!

Not only does it make hiking and going for adventures possible, but baby-wearing also comes in handy at events to minimize stress levels. Having one less kiddo to track is a life-saver when in a crowd. Plus, what kid doesn’t like a piggyback? My son is four now and still wants to ride in the backpack on occasion. He loves it!

Another benefit is if my baby girl starts getting tired and being a stinker while walking, I can put her on my back.  She usually settles down pretty quickly all nestled in, riding as I walk. Having the backpack as an option means that the boys and I don’t have to miss out on our activities, and my baby girl still gets the break that she needs.

Check Out Groupon

I love to get outside and help my kids connect with nature but sometimes, we want to go do activities that are man-made. That is when I check Groupon to see if there are any discounted tickets for events and attractions.

I have been pleasantly surprised with my results! I highly recommend giving Groupon a shot and checking for coupons that will save you money, and maybe even time in the ticket line. Check out Groupon here.

Remember To Be Spontaneous

Sometimes your kiddos aren’t going to be into your plans. It can be frustrating, but I want to remind you that you are doing all of this FOR them. To connect with them and build strong bonds.

If you find yourself feeling frustrated, take a minute to breathe and then pivot! It’s okay if you end up somewhere completely different than what you intended.

On that note, if you have a hesitation about any of the activities, it might not be right for your family right now and that is okay!

Avoid Getting Overwhelmed

There may be activities that you are completely able to do alone with your kiddos, and there may be some that will be a complete bust without help. Plan accordingly. You don’t need to be superwoman!

If you need extra hands for an activity, it’s okay to wait for your husband to be home, to ask a friend to join in the fun, or maybe even have Grandma visit.

Ask for help whenever you need it because it really DOES take a village to raise happy and healthy kids. Asking for help is a sign of recognizing the needs of your family, not a weakness! Don’t let feeling overwhelmed be what keeps you stuck inside all summer long.

Bonus: You will have even more fun, and create more dynamic memories by including the people in your life that love you and your kids. Treasure it.

Things To Do With Kids This Summer

I hope that you feel as excited about creating awesome family memories with this Summer bucket list as I do. I am seriously pumped to start crossing the activities off with my kiddos, and I know that we are going to have so many incredible moments because of it. Don’t forget to grab a copy of the bucket list-it has over 65 ideas for summer fun with kids!

Get Your Copy of the Family Summer Bucket List Here:

If you like this list of family activities, it would mean so much to me if you would share it to your favorite board on Pinterest!

If you are looking for things to do with the kids this summer, this is a great summer bucket list for kids, and for family activities as well! Make life easier and get out of the house with the kids this summer by downloading this family bucket list so that you never run out of ideas. Make memories frugally and effortlessly!

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