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My entire life, I have struggled to follow a schedule. I have always hated having to do the same thing over and over again. Feel familiar?

If you can relate, this article is for you!

Over the years, these feelings got worse. Even now, I catch myself sabotaging my goals when I start to feel stuck repeating my days.

Regardless of how productive sticking to a schedule can be, after a week or two I just can’t handle it. I have to mix things up.

I recently talked about how I follow routines throughout my day to keep up with all the things. But I do these routines when they fit into the rest of my day, and that is something that is vastly different from others.

I want to elaborate on how I set up my system with Trello. It helps me manage to check off my tasks without having to do the same thing at the same time every single day.

The Schedule Myth

To be honest, I have spent massive amounts of time in the past trying to create the perfect schedule. I would follow it for a week or two, feel completely smothered, and fall into a rut that would take days to come out of.

Not to mention that I also have three kids and a rather demanding husband that is used to being doted on. I have plenty of interruptions to help throw me off of a carefully planned schedule.

There is no need to say that forcing myself into a strict schedule was extremely counter-productive!

It wasn’t until I came across this article from the amazing Jennifer Maker that I gave myself permission to stop trying to schedule my days like crazy.

Instead, I set my goals for the week and follow my natural ebb and flow to complete them through the days.

How I Still Hit My Goals Without a “Schedule”

Since I let go of the idea that I needed to use time-blocking or fill out a step-by-step schedule for each day, I have actually hit a groove. I’m telling you, it’s a miracle!

I couple my Trello Life Planner with my daily routines. This method has made it so that I can tick off my to-do list, stay on top of my house, my kids, and my weekly goals without having to follow a “schedule”.

A Typical Day In The Life

Now, just because I don’t stick to a strict schedule doesn’t mean that my days are crazy and wild. I just rearrange my tasks according to how my kids are that day, how I feel, and what we have going on.

A lot of the time, my days actually do look pretty similar. But they don’t have to, and I think that is what keeps me sane!

My kids are on a pretty simple schedule, and it offers many different openings for relaxation time, play time, and work while still offering them the structure that they need to thrive.

This is what has worked for us. Everyone is a lot happier when I’m not an angry or frustrated or depressed mom, and that means mixing things up!

Learning to Use Trello

So it’s the truth. I have tried a million and one ways to stay on track. I’ve tried printables, planners, to-do lists, pre-filled checklists. I even tried using multiple calendars in Google and setting alarms for every single thing that needed to be done throughout the day.

Finally, I came across this incredible free tool called Trello. Recognizing how intuitive Trello could be, I jumped at the chance to buy a really resourceful course to teach me how to use it.

Now I have conquered my task-list and finally mastered balancing my rebel heart and a “schedule”.

Reasons that I Love Trello For Creating My Schedule


The most significant reason that I think Trello dominates over anything else I have used? The cards and lists inside of the boards can be transferred or copied to other boards. This makes it so easy to have active boards with all of your current projects, as well as inventory boards.

For example, before I started using MyFreezEasy, I created a meal planning board, as you can see above. Inside the board were lists with a single recipe and a checklist for the ingredients. This made it easy to grocery shop, and cook the meal.

In order to meal plan each week, I would create a separate board for “This Weeks Meals” and copy the recipes to it in only moments. When the week was over, I could either delete the board or rename it as a meal plan to reuse later. This was a massive time saver!

(Now, I just save my downloadable MyFreezEasy meal plan PDF to the Past Meal Plans board so that once we have a really good collection, I can create a rotation.)

As you can see, Trello is extremely intuitive in many ways. You can rearrange every single component however you like.

Keep everything you need in a single place by adding attachments, labels, comments, and clickable links to cards. It is a great hub for all of your online resources to collide in an organized manner.

It also offers power-ups so that you can link your favorite apps to work along with Trello. This is a feature that I am still exploring, but it has so many possibilities!


I love having access to my Trello boards from anywhere. I use the app on my phone in order to jot down important tasks. This has seriously helped my sanity because I can get things out of my head and into a place where I know it won’t be lost or forgotten.

I tried using my notes section before, and it was a jumbled mess. But since I worked Trello into my daily routine it is almost impossible for me to miss things like surprise bills, appointments, and phone calls that need to be made because they go straight into the app.

This has been such a huge relief for not only me but Chris as well. It was seriously frustrating when I had to admit that I totally spaced that important errand I told him I’d run!


The team feature is amazing. It is such a simple way to manage tasks when more than one person is involved.

Do you and hubby share grocery shopping duty? Create a shared board to keep a list in real time.

Are you planning an event with a friend? Collaborating on a project or working with a client? Invite them to Trello, then create a new team to keep everyone in the loop!

Teams are great for personal use, goals, and business!

The Downside of Trello

So what’s the downside of Trello? It has so many options that it can be debilitating! I know this from personal experience.

I had heard that Trello could be an amazing system and given it a shot several different times without much luck. There were just too many options for it to feel simple.

It wasn’t until I tried a few of the included boards from Organize Your Life With Trello that I saw the full vision. They gave me an amazing jumping off point. The course showed me how to use the many options together in a streamlined way to manage my schedule and my life.

Organize Your Life With Trello includes step-by-step videos for all of the functions within Trello. It also includes 14 category-specific templates and a support system for if you get stuck.

The way I said that makes it sound simple. Don’t be confused! Following the course is simple, but it is incredibly thorough. It helps you to take control of anything that you need to from paper clutter to schedules, and even goal setting. Check out the templates alone:

I highly recommend this course, and I have great news. It is part of the Ultimate Productivity Bundle which includes 46 products worth $1,506.90 for only $37.

The Organize Your Life With Trello course alone costs more than that, which means the bundle is a steal!

If you are ready to take control of your life, maximize your time, and learn how to be productive on your terms, I think you will find massive value in this resource!

Should You Follow A Schedule?

Following a schedule is something that many people find extremely productive and many others find a complete struggle. As a person in the latter group, I found myself thriving with this new approach to planning.

By using Trello to help track my have-to’s, want-to’s, and anything else that I fancy, I have the flexibility to hit my goals on my terms without having to follow a “schedule”. It’s a new approach that works!

Check out details of the Ultimate Productivity Bundle here.

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Do you struggle to follow a schedule? Me too. The good news is that there are ways to be productive without having to follow a strict plan each day. Check out what I do. #productivity #planning #sahmroutine #schedule

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