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How To Use Ibotta With Walmart Pay

As of October 2018, Walmart has officially taken the Savings Catcher feature digital. As an incentive to use their new payment feature, they eliminated the need to scan your receipt.

Instead, your receipts will be scanned automatically if you use their app to pay for your purchase, aka Walmart Pay. I have really mixed feelings about this, especially as a user of couponing apps like Ibotta!

But no fear, there is a way to blend the two worlds and I’m going to share that with you today.

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If you have been thinking about using Walmart Grocery Pick-up or trying to make the most of the Savings Catcher feature that Walmart has, then you might be wondering whether you can use couponing apps, with the new changes. Here is a simple hack that will make it so that you can still save money on groceries!

Use Those Savings Catcher Rewards

The other day I was following my normal grocery shopping routine, and I noticed that I had a few Savings Catcher dollars in my Walmart app. I thought, hey, less money out of pocket right? So I went ahead and used Walmart Pay for the first time ever.

I hadn’t ever looked into the feature before. After paying, I was waiting to be handed a receipt when the cashier chuckled and told me that it was in my app.

Suddenly I realized that I wasn’t going to receive a receipt in order to redeem my Ibotta rebates! Shoot! (This is also when I saw the notice that Savings Catcher was making the shift to digital only. I knew I had to figure something out!)

Of course, I researched and Ibotta technically doesn’t support using Walmart Pay. However, I found an easy solution that is as simple as can be.

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Step One: Find A Second Device

Since you will need your phone to actually scan the screenshot within Ibotta, you will have to find another screen that you can put the receipt on.

I sent myself a screenshot of the digital receipt via email, logged into Gmail on my laptop and scanned away. I could have logged into Walmart on my laptop as well. This was just faster because I was already looking at the receipt on my phone, and I’m typically logged into my Gmail on the computer.

The point is that in order to scan, you will need the receipt on one device, and Ibotta open on the other. You could use a tablet, a laptop, or even text your screenshot to your husband and steal his phone for a minute!

As long as you can get the barcode onto the other device(whether the barcode is just a picture or you log in to Walmart), your problem is solved!

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To find your receipt on a computer:

Walmart.com > Account > Track Orders > Purchase History(Find  the right purchase) > Click on “See Details” > Scroll to Bottom and scan barcode

To find your receipt on a phone or tablet:

Open Walmart App > Expand the Menu (click the three little lines in the left-hand corner) > Choose Purchase History > Find the right purchase & click on it > Scroll to the bottom and scan the barcode or take a screenshot in order to send the photo to another device.

Step Two: Scan The Receipt

Go forward as usual in your Ibotta app!

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In case you haven’t ever used Ibotta, it’s a great rebate app that offers high-value rewards for buying products from their partners. It can be really fun to use as well because they offer bonus incentives, and you can even team up with your friends to get extra rewards!

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That’s it! Just grab a second device and pretend it is your paper receipt. Isn’t this hack incredibly simple? If you give this method a shot, let us know how it goes in the comments! Saving money and still being able to use coupons? Heck yes!

2 Comments on Hack Alert: How to Use Ibotta With Walmart Pay

  1. Easy solution, disable all credit cards on walmart pay, scan your walmart pay, it will say then pay remaining balance. Use whatever payment method you wish then. You will get a paper receipt like normal, can pay using any payment method and since you scanned walmart pay, it submits receipt to Savings catcher. Been doing this for last month with no issues.

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