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No Folding Laundry?

Kids’ laundry seems to breed while we sleep. Laundry is one of the never-ending tasks that we can’t escape, no matter what we do. However, there are ways to make it easier and save time. One of the ways that I have implemented in my home is organizing laundry so that I don’t need to fold it. How does no folding laundry sound to you? Pretty good, right?



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Kids’ Clothes Organization

For a long time, I couldn’t figure out why the heck I had sooo much laundry to do. I would wash at least a load a day, and yet I was never caught up! With three kids, myself, and Chris, this just wasn’t making sense. I was desperate. We could all run around naked at home if that’s what it would take to cut down on the amount of laundry I did!

Luckily, I went into this problem a bit more creatively and came up with a few steps for tackling the laundry monster. If you can relate, then check out the steps I took to get to this place, and then read this post. I promise it works!


STEP ONE: DOWNSIZE | STEP TWO: STORAGE | step three: daily wear


It has definitely taken some work to reach this point of organizing, but after downsizing the kids’ wardrobes, and storing extra clothes, it was finally time to deal with the stuff that my kids wear all the time.  I know it’s crazy, but it was simple. 


1. Decide On An Organization System

The first step is to choose an organizational system to hold the clothes. A large dresser with drawer dividers could work, but I decided to use canvas bins. I like that they are portable, easy to access, and lightweight. I want my kids to be able to help do their laundry, and that means that they need to be able to reach every “drawer” without any hazards. 

If I were to do it again, I would buy these bins instead. They are a bit longer. The bins in the pictures work great for my young kiddos, but I feel like in the next few years we will need a bit more space for the same number of items. A dresser with enough drawers would also work fine.

2. Make The System Foolproof

Let’s be honest. Most kids will take any excuse they can get in order to avoid working. Since I had already chosen a storage system that made the clothes easy to access, I had gotten that complaint out of the way. However, I knew that the next objection would be that they “don’t know where everything goes”. This was a simple fix: I made cute labels and taped them on.


3. Decide How To Do Laundry

Now that the system was in place, I needed to set the standard for what I expected from my kids. I wanted to keep things simple since my kids are all young, so I taught them to put their dirty clothes straight into the washing machine.

Once it is full, I wash and dry the load. Then I sort everything into piles. Parker gets his pile and sorts it into each bin while I help Aaro do his. We just take the clothing item and drop it in the right place, no folding required.





No Folding?

I know that this whole “no-folding” concept feels rebellious. How can it possibly be that easy?! Won’t the clothes get wrinkled?

Well, the clothes might get wrinkled. It’s true, there are definitely reasons why we have always been taught to fold our clothes. For my family, the convenience of not folding outweighs the benefits of folding.

Whether the clothes actually do get wrinkled basically depends on if you have too many stuffed into one bin, and how quickly you pull them out of the dryer. The type of material will also make a difference. For example, dress shirts are basically always a crumpled mess.

I am pleased to say that overall, I haven’t noticed wrinkles in most of our stuff. The few things that I have, I throw back into the dryer with an ice cube for twenty minutes. It works like magic!

If I am being really honest, our clothes are much less wrinkled than when they lived on my couch in a giant mountain.


Organized Kids Clothes-Finally!

A few months later and things are still going strong. There are a few reasons why this simple change has worked so well for us.

1. My oldest, Parker, is one of those kids that can’t ever decide on an outfit. I was constantly asking him to clean up his clothes after he would go through every item he owns. I swear, he tries on five outfits a day. This would result in a pile of clean and dirty clothes mixed together on the floor in front of the dresser. Which meant more laundry for me to wash, fold, and put away 50 million times. Now, everything comes out of the bin, but once he has finally chosen his clothes, he just has to toss everything back in.

2. Parker puts his own laundry away. At five years old, he can do it without any help! I made labels with pictures and words, so even though he can’t read yet, it is clear what goes where. The labels are color-coded, too. Parker knows that his clothes go in the blue labeled ones, and Aaro’s are in the red. Parker puts his clothes away while I do the other kids’ so it’s bonding time. Right?! 😉 Soon, I will start teaching Aaro how to sort his own too.

3. This system has also been very helpful for when I am not home. Whoever has the kids knows exactly where to look for clothes. Say Aaro has an accident. There is no searching for pants anymore! The bin is right there, easy to spot. Sometimes, his big brother even gets clothes for him. I know, I am truly blessed with such great helpers.


Time Saver

The kids’ laundry now takes me about ten minutes to sort and put away altogether. If I let it pile up for days and have a mountain with four loads of itty bitty little shirts, it is still that fast. That doesn’t happen nearly as often as it used to, though, because I no longer dread doing the kids’ laundry. No folding has done so much for my mental state!

Before you go, make sure to read about how I got out of mating socks forever!


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2 Comments on No Folding Laundry: How to Organize To Make Laundry Easier

  1. Very interesting concept!!! I do that with some of my little one’s clothes and it is definitely a time saver!! I may need to apply that to everyone in the household!

    • Thanks Lidia! I started with my kids’ clothes, and now I use containers for everything that I can, including all of our socks, washcloths, and kitchen towels. It has made a huge difference in how much time I spend doing laundry!

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