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No More Lost Socks

I did something crazy. I recycled an entire hamper full of socks! I decided that I needed this change the day that my baby girl spread those socks out like confetti. You know, the lonely soles waiting around for their match. Waiting to be mated in that once a month session that I endured while watching TV. Although I love to relax on occasion, wouldn’t it be great if relaxing didn’t involve socks?

If you said yes, then I have good news! This hack gets you out of matching socks completely. Yep, you read that right. Keep reading to find out how I have managed to avoid mating socks for over a year now!


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Do you despise mating socks? Is there a lost socks basket hanging out at your house that you can never seem to empty? Believe it or not, there is a simple way to get out of matching socks! Click through now to find out how.



1.) Recycle Your Old Socks

The first step, out with the old! Get rid of all of those crazy colored and worn out socks.

For some reason, replacing everyone’s socks sounded like this huge hurdle when I first thought about it, so if you feel that way, it’s okay! Take a few deep breaths and keep reading. It’s worth it.

 Getting new socks is a Christmas tradition around here(a pretty common tradition, I think). I figured that if I was going to rid myself of mating socks, the day after Christmas was the time. I took it as my opportunity. Of course, you can do this any time if you aren’t very patient, but you can score some awesome deals on socks around the holidays!

I decided that after we opened our new socks, all the rest were going away. It didn’t really matter where they went, as long as they weren’t in my home anymore. I also didn’t want to mate them(I know, lazy), so I recycled the batch. They will probably be turned into tires or flooring or something similarly useful, right?


Sock Match Made in Heaven

Of course, the no mating part of this organizational hack comes with a bit of planning. In order for this process to work, we need the socks to be easy to tell apart.

Each family member needs to have socks that are different from the other family members. The socks also have to be plain jane and all look like each other. No patterns or different lengths.

Although kids have some pretty cute patterns to choose from, it was a small sacrifice to make when I considered how much time mating socks took me.

For example, one boy will wear white socks and the other will wear black. You could also have one kid that has gray heels and one that has red. As long as it only takes a second to see who owns the socks, then toss them into the right bin, you will be saving yourself from ever having to roll socks into a bundle again.


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 How To “Match Socks”

When it comes time to wear the socks, you just grab two and put them on. Simple. Even my three-year old gets his own socks! Shop for socks that will fit the bill on Amazon!





New Socks Means No Mating Worn Out Socks

One of the great things about starting new is that all of the socks will be the same level of worn-out. I always hated that part of mating. If one sock was longer than the other, then it wasn’t a match. At least not anymore. They should all age about the same, but I will probably stir the bin up if I find that we aren’t making it to the bottom because I am just killin’ it on the laundry forefront. 😉


Laundry Hack Success

I can’t believe how much easier this small change has made my laundry. Any time I can rid myself of unnecessary work, I am all in.  Add in the fact that I don’t have a missing sock basket anymore! It is like a dream.

The funny thing is that we have always bought socks for Christmas, and then we would add them to the already huge mountain, where we would use the top ones and the rest would just loiter around.

I will definitely be recycling our socks next year and keeping the drawer full of only new, functional, holeless socks from now on. Do you think I’m crazy, or is this the hack you have been waiting for?! If you love it, please share the love and let your friends in on this foolproof laundry hack by sharing this post!


UPDATE: 4/4/2018 We are definitely making it to the bottom of the basket, so make sure to buy a few packs of socks for each person. I would recommend three. However, I am still loving this hack. It saves so much time!


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