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3/20/19 — Hey Mama! Before you keep reading, I wanted to pop in and tell you that I have a new FREEBIE that is pretty incredible. If you are struggling to keep up, if you want to be more productive, or if you are feeling stuck in a rut, grab my SAHM schedule! This is the exact schedule that I follow to enjoy my life rather than cleaning up after it-all preloaded into a Trello board for your convenience! Grab it here!

Working from home is all about discipline, time management, and systems. As an entrepreneur, you won’t have a boss telling you what to do, when to do it, or chastising you for not showing up to work. I believe that the freedom that comes with work at home mum jobs is also the reason that so many women struggle to make it work!

Not everything works for everyone. That is why I asked a group of my blogger friends to share how they balance being an organized stay at home mom with their business to manage as well. They were full wisdom!


If you are considering becoming a WAHM, these tips from real moms will help you figure out how to manage your time between your household and your work.

Real life tips from moms that are in the trenches. Working from home while also being a full-time mom is quite a challenge. Here are some tips to help you find your way.


How I Manage to be an Organized Stay At Home Mom + Mompreneur

For me, finding the time to build a business from home has really come down to mindset! When I don’t feel like writing, or researching, or creating graphics, I do it anyways.

I have figured out what needs my time in my home, how to make it easier, and what I can neglect in order to focus on more important things. It’s not easy, but figuring out my priorities and systemizing them has really made a difference in keeping things organized.

Knowing what deserves my time and what doesn’t has been critical to my productivity! By following my daily routine and systems, I have managed to streamline my responsibilities and fit in what directly impacts my family’s daily lives while letting the rest go, with work and with home.


How Other Boss Moms Stay Organized


Kai from Kaihernandez.com says:

“For me, the biggest thing was learning how to prioritize what I worked on while my daughter was asleep. I always try to work on the big projects or things that need a lot of dedicated focus while she is napping or after bedtime “

Kai is spot on. I completely agree with her method!  Learn more about how she does it here.


Kristina from All Mom Does says:

“Track your time and your money carefully so you can determine your actual hourly wage. If you have kids at home, it can affect your productivity, and a lot of self-employed mamas undervalue their work in order to attract clients or sales. It’s easy to be making $5 an hour or less when you actually tally everything up, and you need to remember – your time is worth something! Don’t under-value yourself.”

Kristin hits some really great points about whether working from home is all it’s cracked up to be, and how to tell if it’s the right fit for you. Read them here.


Miriam from The Very Best Baby Stuff says:

“One tip that I have to offer is finding little pockets of time to get certain tasks out of the way, which makes time for larger projects. For example, I will order groceries on Amazon Prime now while wearing my baby and pushing my toddler in the stroller. It actually costs less (or about the same when you factor in tip) because I use my Amazon Prime Credit Card, which I can reload in advance for a 2% bonus and also get 5% back using the card.
This saves me the time of actually going to the grocery store.”
First of all, seven percent back on groceries? I think we all need to look into that rewards card! Learn more here.
Secondly, I love that Miriam highlights using little minutes to accomplish her basic tasks! She is a woman after my own heart.
If you are in a rural area where Amazon doesn’t deliver groceries, a good alternative would be Walmart Pick-up.

Melanie from Mostly Under Control says:

My best tips for going from SAHM to WAHM are to:
-Wake up before your kids! This is prime working time for me. Usually about 2 hours.
-Start with low goals. I make a list of 2 or 3 things that absolutely have to get done per day, then a broad list of what I’d like to do that week. Pick a day for each thing. So Mondays is Tailwind, Tuesdays is Facebook, etc.
-Pick one day a week where you do not do business stuff. It sounds counterproductive but it’s great for the kids and a break for yourself.
I totally agree with taking a day off. It is so healthy to allow yourself to recoup. Melanie is a busy mom of four. She knows what she’s talking about! Learn more about her here.

Joanna from May Virtual Assists says:

For me, the hardest part of transitioning from being a stay-at-home mom to being a work-at-home mom was figuring out how to balance all of the responsibilities of being a mom and wife and owning a business. When I was a stay-at-home mom, I knew I was supposed to take care of the kids and home while my husband provided for our family.
After I decided to start a business, the boundaries were blurred and I didn’t know when I was supposed to handle work things and when I had to take care of home things.
It took a little while, but I learned there were certain things that I have to do to achieve that balance and be productive in my home responsibilities and work responsibilities.
Some of the things that help the most are involving my family in home chores, identifying designated work times and space at home, and completing tasks for work and home in batches.
I talk more about these in my post “How to Maximize Productivity as a WAHM.”
I read Joanna’s post, and it is full of great tips. If you are struggling with productivity or worried about whether you can make the transition from SAHM to WAHM, take a look and see if it answers any of your concerns!

How To Stay Organized As A WAHM

It is clear that the most important part of keeping everything under control is to just get in a good groove. By giving different techniques a shot, you will figure out what works for your family, and what doesn’t. Don’t let the fear of being overwhelmed keep you from pursuing your passions. If we can do it, so can you!
Do you work from home? Tell us your best tips in the comments!


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